Bronchitis is a respiratory disease which inflames the bronchial passages of the lung. When this occurs, the small airways in the lungs become restricted and can lead to coughing and breathlessness.

Bronchitis can be classified as chronic or acute. Chronic bronchitis can last months and be frequent while acute lasts a week or so.

Most of the time, acute is viral but can be bacterial sometimes. Chronic bronchitis can be a severe long term illness which will require medical attention. Smokers especially may find it hard to recover if they have bronchitis and may be prone to develop chronic bronchitis.

Multiple bouts of acute bronchitis can lead to chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is often caused by cigarette smoking and exposure to industrial pollutants.

Bronchitis symptoms often include a cough with phlegm and soreness in the chest. Chronic bronchitis may also include wheezing and tiredness.

To treat bronchitis, you should get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids. Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke. A prescriptions bronchodilator or cough syrup may be necessary and prescribed by a doctor. Since those with chronic bronchitis may be more vulnerable to further infection, it is recommended they receive flu and pneumonia vaccines.

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