Tick size comparison

Deer ticks may be tinier than a dime but they can put you at huge risk of contracting Lyme disease, a bacterial illness that affects the skin, joints, heart, and nervous system. Deer ticks – which are most often carried and transmitted by deer, squirrels, mice, and other small rodents – are parasites that feed off the blood of their host for nourishment. Effects can be life-lasting and debilitating for some, and is often difficult to recover from.


Deer Tick Prevention Tips:

Your first offense against deer ticks and the risk of Lyme disease is prevention. Use the following tips to stay safe:

  • Wear socks, long pants, and long sleeves when at all possible.
  • Take special care to use a mirror and check each of the following body parts for ticks after going outside – even just into your own backyard:
    • Under the arms
    • Behind the ears
    • In the scalp
    • Inside the belly button
    • Back of the knees
    • In and around all body hair
    • Between the legs
    • Around the waist
  • Check clothing and pets for ticks and remove them if found
  • Keep grass cut short and trim bushes to prevent the growth of tick populations


What to Do if You Get Bit By a Deer Tick?

If you think you’ve been bitten by a tick of any kind, visit AFC Urgent Care within the first 48 hrs. of detection for immediate medical care. Our board-certified physicians can remove any detected ticks, diagnose your symptoms, and provide complete care. If you feel strongly about removing the tick yourself, follow the following tips to do so safely:

  • Use clean tweezers to grab the entire tick as close to the skin as possible
  • Use a steady, upward motion to remove the tick
  • Clean the wound with disinfectant or clean water
  • Frequently inspect your wound for signs of infection
  • Record the date of detection and record when any symptoms appear


AFC Urgent Care Clearwater is a walk in clinic offering urgent care for bites from spiders, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects with no appointment necessary. Our state-of-the-art clinic is fully equipped to guarantee the quality and accuracy of your treatment. To guarantee the affordability of our services, we accept most insurance plans and offer deeply discounted rates for our uninsured patients. Call us at 727.266.1266 for more information.