One of the many conveniences AFC Urgent Care Clearwater provides is digital X-rays. X-rays are perfect for discovering what may be wrong with your body and what should be done as a result. At AFC Urgent Care Clearwater, Florida we’ve simplified the X-ray process for our valued patients. If you’re unsure if your arm or leg is broken versus being sprained, visit our location, receive a digital X-ray, and then take the appropriate action. We are able to provide our patients with a copy of all their X-rays to take with them to the hospital if needed, or to their primary care physician if desired.




Digital X-rays are changing the way X-rays and radiology departments operate in the medical field today. Apart from saving patients precious time and money, digital X-rays also possess other benefits as well. One of these benefits includes the overall reduced exposure to radiation while receiving an X-ray. This is great news and another reason why visiting AFC Urgent Care Clearwater over other physicians who utilize older X-ray machines is beneficial to your health and well-being.

Another benefit of our digital X-ray machines is that they produce higher quality diagnostic images. With a clearer picture of what has occurred inside your body, we’ll be able to accurately provide an assessment on how to proceed. With less guesswork involved, AFC Urgent Care physicians will be able to save you time and help resolve your medical ailment in proper fashion.

Visit AFC Urgent Care Clearwater during our convenient hours seven days a week for quality, affordable digital x-rays and a variety of other healthcare services – no appointment necessary.