Improve employee engagement & attract the best talent with a simple, affordable plan that covers medical costs year-round.

What is it?occupational health services in clearwater, fl

For a $40 monthly premium, employees receive unlimited walk-in medical visits for as long as the company is enrolled.

Our facility is fully equipped to handle X-rays, EKGs, and in-house labs. The employee brochure will explain details of services.


• Improve employee engagement through acknowledging their value
• Enjoy a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining the best talent
• Employees can seek medical care quickly and return to work sooner with peace
of mind
• Provides urgent care without the high cost of emergency rooms.
• Offers extended care to employees’ family members

How Does it Work?

• Plan is valid for 1 year with premiums paid monthly by the employer
• Employer can accept joint contributions by the employee
• Join the program with just a minimum of 5 employees
• Employer provides the names of the participating employees and family
members to AFC Urgent Care Clearwater.

Employer determines employee eligibility

Monthly fees paid by Employer (100% or accept employee contributions to the plans).

welderEmployee Plan A

• $40.00 per month – Employee only
• No limit to the number of visits per year

Employee Plan B

• $65.00 per month – Covers Employee + 1
• No limit to the number of visits per year

Employee Plan C

• $90.00 per month – Covers Employee + 2
• No limit to the number of visits per year

Employee Plan D

• $115.00 per month – Covers Employee +3
• No limit to the number of visits per year

What it doesn’t cover – Outside lab work, Bracing / Ortho products, and Vaccines.
These are separate charges billed at our standard published price list.

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