Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday every June. This annual celebration allows us to illustrate our appreciation for the fathers in our lives. June is also Men’s Health Month, which raises awareness regarding the health concerns surrounding men.

Men suffer from several diseases at a considerably higher rate than women. This can be captured by the lower life expectancy for men compared to women, as, on average, men live five years shorter than women.

This month, AFC Urgent Care Clearwater would like to help illustrate how important it is for men to see their doctor regularly. This allows your physician to help detect diseases at an early stage, which dramatically increases the chance at providing life-saving treatment.

To help show the importance, here are several facts regarding men’s health:

  • Back in the 1920’s, women lived just one year longer than men
  • Men suffer from hearing loss two-times more than women
  • Nowadays, the average American male life expectancy is 76.4 years. For women, it’s 81.2 years
  • Men are more than 4x more likely to commit suicide than women

It’s also vital to have a plan in place in case anybody in your family gets hurt. We at AFC Urgent Care Clearwater offer walk-in medical care seven days a week. For more information, call us at 727.266.1266. We look forward to helping you understand the importance of Men’s Health Month!