At AFC Urgent Care Clearwater, we administer a number of specialty physicals, in addition to school, sports and camp physicals. As an alternative to a primary care physician’s office, we provide our patients with a number of day-to-day medical services. The specialty physicals we conduct include:

ROTC Physicals

The Reserve Officer’s Training Corps program was initiated by the United States’ Armed Forces to train college students for an officer position in the military while taking college courses. There are specified physical requirements that ROTC students must meet. At AFC Urgent Care Clearwater, we perform ROTC physicals on a walk-in basis.

Preoperative Physical Exam

Preoperative physical exams are administered to patients before a surgical procedure to help determine if the patient has any potentially dangerous health conditions. This could come in the form of a heart or kidney condition, that if a surgeon had performed surgery unbeknownst to these conditions, could be deadly. Our preoperative physical exams are thorough to ensure our patients are as healthy as possible going into surgery.

Military Physical

Just like with ROTC programs, the Armed Forces require its applicants to meet certain physical qualifications in order to enlist. These requirements are in place to ensure each service person is fit enough to perform their job’s tasks to best serve the United States’ Military.

To receive one of these specialty exams, visit us at AFC Urgent Care Clearwater any day of the week. To speak with one of our medical professionals, call us at 727-266-1266.