Urgent Care clinics are popping up everywhere but not a lot of people know what we are. We wanted to take a moment to explain what an urgent care center is and what our benefits are.

Urgent Care centers help fill the space between your primary care physician and the ER. We all know it can be hard to get an appointment with your primary care, let alone one that fits your schedule. Your ailment may also not be severe enough for the ER. That is where AFC Urgent Care comes in. We treat non-life threatening ailments which may need to be treated right away but not severe enough to go to the ER. These centers often boast low wait times and a walk in environment with long hours.

AFC Urgent Care in Clearwater FL for example offers walk in service and is open nights and weekends. This allows you to see a doctor on your time without an appointment necessary. Our center features low wait times, especially when you compare it to a busy ER. So if you have a cut, bruise, sprain, fracture, cold symtoms, or whatever it may be, we can help.

AFC Urgent Care Clearwater is located at 1500 North McMullen Booth Rd in Clearwater FL. For more information, call us today at 727-266-1266.